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Event Date:
Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Event Date:
08:00 - 14:00
Event Location:
Hamea Veesrim 6, Lake Park, Rishon Lezion West
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ICS CyberSec⁶ 2021- ML&AI

The 6th Extended ICS-IIoT Cyber Defense Conference in Israel

The ICS CyberSec⁶ 2021 - ML & AI, is planned as a hybrid event and will take place on October 27 2021 in Israel.

This extended conference will focus on cyber defense for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Industrial IoT systems and include unique aspects related to integration of Machine Learning (ML) and Artifcial Intelligence (AI) into the industrial process.

Similarly to previous virtual and in-person conferences, we are expecting over 700 connected system users, experts, consultants and potential buyers.

You will hear from Israeli and International experts dealing with Industry 4.0 deployments, and IIoT on recent risks, attack vectors and creative defense technologies for protecting electricity, water and waste treatment systems, communications, transportation and more.

As a presenting speaker, you and your organization may take the opportunity of exposing unique technologies and solutions to potential customers from Israel and abroad.

For your convenience, we are planning a recorded conference, allowing all participants around the globe to view the sessions at their convenient time and day.

Among the main topics at this hybrid conference are:

  • Presentations on innovative and secure ICS-IIoT solutions from worldwide vendors

  • Integration of ML and AI for achieving enhanced operation productivity

  • Deployment of unique solutions for reducing new risks contributed by ML&AI

  • Making the right choice when comparing different cyber ICS defense technologies

  • Selecting cyber defense solutions applicable for specifc industrial applications

  • Cyber secured integration of ICS with IIoT utilizing unique skills and technologies

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ICS CyberSec⁶ 2021- ML&AI


Opening Remarks


Introduction session
Daniel  Ehrenreich


Insights and lessons from threats and attacks on ICS from the past year
Barak Hadad


Attack Vectors and Defense Strategies for ICS
Yossi Atia


Addresing global organization ICS cybersecurity
Brent Groh


FORESCOUT ICS and Enterprise Of Things Granular Defense


Protecting-ICS-through-segmentation with the world's first and only ML based Firewall
Miki Italiano


5 ways to minimize cybersecurity risks in legacy Industrial Control Systems
Nissim Hai


From IT to IOT the Cyber between
Sneer Rozenfeld


Networking Break


How to select the most suitable AI model for your Detection and Prevention System
Felipe Costa


Overview of attacks on control systems in recent years and how they have evolved
Ilan Shaya


ML&AI for Critical Operations
Dr. Leonid Cooperman


Uncovering Missing ICS Vulnerabilities Using Artifcial Intelligence
Eric Byres


Applied AI in ICS-OT cybersecurity breach
Art Rebultan


Panel of Industrial Users
Daniel  Ehrenreich
Adir Ben Hamo
Yoav Melamed
Idan Malei
Oren Shahar
Nir Noyman


Daniel  Ehrenreich




Daniel  Ehrenreich
Daniel Ehrenreich
Chairman of the Event
Felipe Costa
Felipe Costa
ISA Cybersecurity Director & Moxa ICS Expert
ISA & Moxa Americas
Yossi Atia
Yossi Atia
Sr. senior Manager
Trend Micro
Nissim Hai
Nissim Hai
Industry Business Product Manager
Schneider Electric
Dr. Leonid Cooperman
Dr. Leonid Cooperman
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Ilan Shaya
Ilan Shaya
OT Cyber security expert
ICS security
Eric Byres
Eric Byres
P.Eng, ISA Fellow
aDolus Technology Inc
Brent Groh
Brent Groh
Engineering Manager – NA Connected Services
Rockwell Automation


Registration is closed for this event. See you at our future events!

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